Check and replacement of CV JOINTS and their protective covers. BMW the 5th E28/E34 series (from 1981 to 1993 of release)
Repair of BMW E28 and series E34 from 1981 to 1993
1. Cars of the BMW brand of 5-series
2. Engine
3. Cooling system
4. Power supply system
5. Ignition system
6. Control systems of the engine and decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases
7. System of production of the fulfilled gases
8. Coupling
9. Manual box of gear shifting (RKPP) and automatic transmission (AT)
10. Transmission line
10.1. General information
10.2. Removal and driveshaft installation
10.3. Check of work and replacement of the elastic coupling
10.4. Check and replacement of the central bearing
10.5. Check and replacement of kardanny hinges
10.6. Check and replacement of a lobby of the centering directing
10.7. Replacement of the hinge of equal angular speeds of the driveshaft
10.8. Removal and installation of power shafts
10.9. Check and replacement of CV JOINTS and their protective covers
10.10. Replacement of lateral epiploons of a case of differential
10.11. Removal and installation of a casing of differential
10.12. Replacement of an epiploon of a gear wheel
11. Steering and suspension bracket
12. Brake system
13. Body
14. Control body sizes
15. Heater and air conditioner
16. System of onboard electric equipment
17. Routine maintenance of the car
18. Size table and adjusting data
19. Schematic electric circuits
20. Governing bodies and operation receptions
21. System of onboard diagnostics - a principle of functioning and codes of malfunctions

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10.9. Check and replacement of CV JOINTS and their protective covers

Some automobile agents deliver protective covers of "cutting" type which it is possible to establish without removal of a power shaft from the car (they easily for replacement turn back round the hinge after cutting of an old cover). It is very convenient; however originators of this Management recommend to remove after all a power shaft, to clean the CV JOINT from dirt and moisture which reduce term of its service, and to establish a new integral protective cover.

If you noticed signs of wear of the CV JOINT (usually caused), it is necessary to replace them with damage of protective covers - it is possible to replace both hinges in an individual order.

Completely restored power shafts can be got but an exchange basis that will help to save a lot of time and forces. In any case before dismantling of the car learn cost and degree of availability of all details.


It is necessary to examine CV JOINTS and their protective covers regularly, and every time when you lift the car. To Poddomkratta the car and reliably establish it on axial support. Examine protective covers of CV JOINTS on existence of cracks, leaks and the broken tightening tapes. If greasing follows through a hole or a crack in a protective cover, it will result in premature wear of the CV JOINT and need of its replacement. Replace the damaged covers immediately. Having grasped serially each of power shafts, повращайте them in both directions also move them inside and outside to check, whether is available люфт, indicating wear шлицов or weakening of landing of hinges.

Replacement of the CV JOINT and its protective cover


  1. Remove the driveshaft (see. Section Removal and driveshaft installation).
  2. Open clips of protective covers, remove them and will throw out.
  1. Open a big clip of a protective cover...

... then a small clip, then remove and will throw out both.

  1. Bring down a hammer and a chisel a protective cover from the CV JOINT.
  1. Remove a big lock ring which holds the CV JOINT on driving to a shaft, pair of special flat-nose pliers for lock rings.
  1. Carefully knock on the end of a power shaft (only not on CV JOINT holders) and separate a shaft from the hinge.
  1. Remove an old protective cover from a power shaft.
  2. Carefully wash out the CV JOINT in solvent. Wash away all old greasing and blow solvent the compressed air if it is possible.

When using the compressed air put on goggles.

  1. Examine the CV JOINT on existence of deep scratches, furrows, cavities and other signs of wear. If the CV JOINT is damaged, replace it.
  1. Wrap up shlitsa on the end of a power shaft a sticky tape to protect new protective covers from damages at their installation.
  1. Establish new covers, then remove a tape.
  1. Carefully настучите the CV JOINT on a power shaft - use a hammer with soft brisk not to damage a holder. Establish a lock ring.
  1. Fill a cavity in a back part of the hinge special greasing...

... also push greasing in the hinge.

  1. Establish a protective cover in a flute on driving to a shaft both put a small clip and tighten it the special tool for tightening of strips (available in any shop of auto parts).
  1. Unbend the clip end back and cut off the superfluous.
  1. Fill other part of the hinge special greasing (see илл.8 and 9). Push it in the hinge and then establish a protective cover.
  2. Establish a big clip and pull together it (see silt. 10 and 11).
  3. Establish a power shaft (see. Section Removal and installation of power shafts).

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10.10. Replacement of lateral epiploons of a case of differential