Conditioner and precautionary measure service. BMW the 5th E28/E34 series (from 1981 to 1993 of release)
Repair of BMW E28 and series E34 from 1981 to 1993
1. Cars of the BMW brand of 5-series
2. Engine
3. Cooling system
4. Power supply system
5. Ignition system
6. Control systems of the engine and decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases
7. System of production of the fulfilled gases
8. Coupling
9. Manual box of gear shifting (RKPP) and automatic transmission (AT)
10. Transmission line
11. Steering and suspension bracket
12. Brake system
13. Body
14. Control body sizes
15. Heater and air conditioner
15.1. Removal, check of work and installation of a heater and air conditioner
15.2. Removal and control unit installation by operating modes of a heater and air conditioner
15.3. Removal and installation of the heat exchanger of a heater
15.4. Conditioner and precautionary measure service
15.5. Removal and installation of the compressor of central air of air
15.6. Removal and installation of the motor of the supercharger of the conditioner (E28 model / "retro")
15.7. Removal and installation of the condenser of central air of air
15.8. Removal and installation of an accumulator / degidrator of central air of air
15.9. Removal and evaporator installation
16. System of onboard electric equipment
17. Routine maintenance of the car
18. Size table and adjusting data
19. Schematic electric circuits
20. Governing bodies and operation receptions
21. System of onboard diagnostics - a principle of functioning and codes of malfunctions


15.4. Conditioner and precautionary measure service

Precautionary measures

Central air of air is under a high pressure. DO NOT WEAKEN any connections and do not remove any components of system to its full discharge. The coolant of central air should be let out correctly in special capacity by the qualified expert. The coolant used in system, should not get on your skin and to eyes since there is a danger of frostbite. At contact of a coolant to an open flame there is an allocation of poisonous gas. Therefore smoking in operating time with a coolant is the extremely dangerous, in particular its inhalation паров through the lit cigaret. The coolant has bigger specific weight, than air, and can cause asthma at work with it indoors, such, as house garage. And at last, uncontrolled release of a coolant in the nature can cause a serious damage to environment, creating "greenhouse effect".


For ensuring operation of the conditioner with maximum efficiency it is necessary to carry out the following checks regularly:


  1. Check a driving belt. If it is worn-out or damaged, replace it (see. Head Routine maintenance of the car).
  2. Check system hoses. Look for cracks, swellings, hardenings and wear signs. Examine hoses and shtutserny connections on existence of vials of oil and leaks. At detection of any signs of wear, damages or leaks replace hoses.
  3. Examine condenser edges on existence in them the got stuck leaves, insects and other garbage. Use special «a crest for edges» or the compressed air for condenser cleaning.
  4. Make sure that the system is correctly charged by a coolant as it is described below.
  5. It is very useful to banish system within about 10 minutes not more rare than once a month, especially during winter time. System non-use can lead for a long time to hardening and the subsequent failure of epiploons of system.
  6. In connection with complexity of central air of air, and also that its service needs the special equipment, serious diagnostics of malfunctions and procedure of repair are not included in this Management. However, simple checks and procedures of replacement of components are given in this Chapter.
  7. The most widespread reason of bad cooling is low level of a charging of system a coolant. If you found appreciable reduction of an exit of cool air, the following fast check will help you to define, whether coolant level in system is lowered.
  8. Warm up the engine to normal working temperature.
  9. Establish the switch of temperature of the conditioner in the coldest situation, and the supercharger of air on a maximum. Open doors (to make sure that central air will not be switched off as soon as will cool salon).
  10. At the switched-on compressor - the coupling of the compressor will publish appreciable click, and its center will start to rotate - touch a pipe located closely to the right forward longeron of a frame, near a radiator.
  11. If you notice essential fall of temperature, it is probable, level of a coolant is in norm.
  12. If the inlet line became covered by hoarfrost or is to the touch colder, than an accumulator surface / дегидратора, means, level of a coolant is lower than norm. The charging of system should be made only by the qualified expert.

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15.5. Removal and installation of the compressor of central air of air