Catching система паров газолину (EVAP). BMW the 5th E28 / E34 series (from 1981 т. 1993 of релиз)
Repair of BMW E28 and series E34 from 1981 т. 1993
1. Автомобили of the пожар BMW of 5-series
2. Ядро
3. Cooling система
4. Сила supply систему
5. Ignition система
6. Control системы of the ядро and decrease в toxicity of the fulfilled газа
6.1. Генерал информатион
6.2. Генерал информатион about self-diagnostics of a control систему by the Motronic ядро
6.3. Removal and инсталляция of the electronic control unit (ЭКЮ)
6.4. Информация сенсора
6.5. Система of вентиляцию of a case (PCV)
6.6. Catching система паров газолину (EVAP)
7. Система of production of the fulfilled газа
8. Coupling
9. Справочник боксируй of gear shifting (RKPP) and automatic трансмиссия (AT)
10. Трансмиссия Лину
11. Проверили бы Steering and временное прекращение
12. Жердь систему
13. Body
14. Control body sizes
15. Heater and поведение conditioner
16. Система of onboard electric оборудование
17. Навык maintenance of the автомобиль
18. Size table and adjusting data
19. Schematic electric circuits
20. Governing bodies and операция receptions
21. Система of onboard diagnostics - a principle of functioning and коды of malfunctions


6.6. Catching система паров газолину (EVAP)

Генерал description

The система EVAP scheme on the M10 ядро (the others - similarly)

This система is usually established on the автомобили equipped with the catalytic converter.

When the ядро is muffled, fuel в a fuel заправляйся evaporates, created pressure паров. The catching систему паров газолину accumulates тезис pairs в capacity with в адсорбере. Under way the removal valve паров is a little slightly opened and fuel pairs gradually arrive в the inlet трубопровод and burn. When старт of the cold ядро or the ядро is личинку idles, the removal valve паров дремли allow pairs тонна arrive в the inlet трубопровод and тонну enrich a fuel смешивай excessively.

Removal valves паров two types ары applied: with electric менеджмент and vacuum менеджмент. Тонна define, what valve is established on your автомобиль, track a брюки from capacity with в адсорбере, yet хочет находи the valve. Some valves ары established on the inlet трубопровод, others - near capacity with в адсорбере. Look, whether there is on the valve в electric socket or the vacuum Лину approaches тонну it.

The faulty систему EVAP influences road производительность of the ядро only when it is heated-up. The система EVAP usually is at the bottom of difficult cold старт or other проблемы on the cold ядро.


Removal valve паров vacuum-operated


  1. Disconnect from the valve the vacuum Лину and blow в the bigger союза of the valve. The valve should подходи closed and поведение should.

On some модель the thermovacuum valve is established, which interferes with removal паров, while the temperature of a хочет более классно reach, about, 46 ° S.Proverte this valve тонны convinced of its операцию under the influence of a razryazheniye at the correct temperature. The valve is usually located в the inlet трубопровод near the temperature switch and the сенсор of temperature of a более классно.

  1. Disconnect from the removal valve паров a thin vacuum брюки and the справочник vacuum откачивай on в entrance of the valve create a razryazheniye. The valve should open and старт тонна подходи поведению.
  2. ИФ the тест yields отрицательный result, replace the valve.

The removal valve паров with electric менеджмент


  1. Disconnect from the valve всей Лины (except the electric socket) and move it тонна a place convenient for testing.
  1. Проверка действовала the valve at inclusion of ignition publishes click.
  1. ИФ the valve дремли publish click, disconnect from the valve the socket and a control lamp or the вольтметры проверяй силу supply.
  1. ИФ напряжение of the battery is present, but the valve дремли work, replace it. ИФ напряжение is отсутствующее, проверяй the блокируй of control of Motronic and a wire.

Capacity with в адсорбере


  1. Отметка в размещении of всех hoses, then disconnect them from capacity.
  1. Put нападающий capacity from a фиксацию collar. On some модель it is necessary тонна weaken a collar.
  1. Visually проверяй on capacity existence of leaks and damages.
  2. At detection of leaks and damages replace capacity.

«on посыльного жарься
6.5. Система of вентиляцию of a case (PCV)
on посыльного нападающего»
7. Система of production of the fulfilled газа