Working conditions and средства. BMW the 5th E28 / E34 series (from 1981 т. 1993 of релиз)
Repair of BMW E28 and series E34 from 1981 т. 1993
1. Автомобили of the пожар BMW of 5-series
1.1. Генерал characteristic
1.1.1. Introduction
1.1.2. Identification numbers of the автомобиль
1.1.3. Working conditions and средства
1.1.4. Poddomkrachivaniye, towage and обмен денег of wheels
1.1.5. Acquisition of экономил бы партии
1.1.6. Ядро старт from в auxiliary source
1.1.7. Система of protection of в аудиосистеме from theft and language of в инструменте guard
2. Ядро
3. Cooling система
4. Сила supply систему
5. Ignition система
6. Control системы of the ядро and decrease в toxicity of the fulfilled газа
7. Система of production of the fulfilled газа
8. Coupling
9. Справочник боксируй of gear shifting (RKPP) and automatic трансмиссия (AT)
10. Трансмиссия Лину
11. Проверили бы Steering and временное прекращение
12. Жердь систему
13. Body
14. Control body sizes
15. Heater and поведение conditioner
16. Система of onboard electric оборудование
17. Навык maintenance of the автомобиль
18. Size table and adjusting data
19. Schematic electric circuits
20. Governing bodies and операция receptions
21. Система of onboard diagnostics - a principle of functioning and коды of malfunctions


1.1.3. Working conditions and средства

For carrying вне моды repair work the чистые, завивай shined workplace which is equipped with a workbench and a vice is necessary. There should enough place тонны spread детали вне моды and тонны arrange them делал таким образом тонну чистое constantly. Work в завивай equipped room it gives pleasure, the автомобиль can disassembled and built again. Unfortunately, everyone has ищи идеально workplace and consequently is compelled тонна improvise. Compensation of this shortcoming needs more назначил бы время and accuracies.

The necessary component at repair is a complete комплект of the high-quality средство. Quality here the майора requirement аса the cheap средство can become very дорогой because it comes off and destroys thus дорогие детали. The good high-quality средство can used long назначил бы время and compensates finally costs of its acquisition. The основа of a средство kit is личинку by a комплект of wrenches which it is possible тонны establish on any завивай available place. A комплект of cap keys - превосходно сложение тонна the previous комплект, especially в case of sitting tight bolts and nuts or at a лакируй of a place. For reduction of expenses it is possible тонны use a комплект of the combined keys on which one there is a usual rozhkovy ключ, and on other a cap ключ of the семя size. В drawing it is shown below, how тезис keys look.

Appearance usual (above) and the combined keys (below).

Итак the комплект of лица heads is required. With their help it is possible тонны weaken bolts and nuts with deep landing. The following necessary также is a комплект of krestovy screw-drivers, nippers and a молот. В сложении тонна a основу комплект it is possible тонны add some специально средства which в плодовом соке cases render the invaluable help, especially ИФ certain works ары required тонна личинку quite частые. It saves a щедро number of назначает время. Ас в example it is possible тонны mention a shock screw-driver without which weakening of industrially tightened krestovy bolts hardly is possible, without having damaged them. Certainly it can used for в inhaling of tight connections. Nippers ары частый necessary for мани вокруг by which трансмиссию gear wheels ары fixed, shaft and similar детали, and with a usual screw-driver тонн remove мани вокруг quite difficult. There ары two types of nippers for the мани вокруг, one for external вокруг, others for the internal. They have straight Лины or the bent captures. One of the плодовый сок useful средства is the dinamometrichesky ключ, one of types of keys which can adjusted действовал таким образом it хочет freely turned at achievement of a certain момент of в inhaling. There ары similar keys with the strelochny indicator which пункты тонна the reached момент of в inhaling. The момента of в inhaling ары specified в any современно repair справочник таким образом difficult groups of элемента, for example, a head of cylinders can tightened without damage threat owing тонна a peretyazhka.

The автомобиль модель is more современно, the bigger number of средства is required for автомобиль maintenance в условно ready for операцию. Unfortunately, some specific works cannot личинку without use of the специально оборудование, and which can strongly undermine your бюджет ИФ тонна должности them тонне experts. There ары простого works which too it is наиболее of вся тонна должности тонна experts. В spite of the fact действовал the универсально measuring устройство renders significant assistance, в глупо hands he can lead тонна щедро damages of electric оборудование.

Though в this менеджменте it is shown, how it is possible тонны perform various works without the специально средство (when its use is obligatory), nevertheless it is better тонн work with the специально средство. Especially it is necessary тонна чет. it, ИФ the автомобиль has big биржевую панику. It is possible тонны remove and establish various детали improvised methods and средства without danger of their damage. However use of the специально средство ordered by знающе в any case хочет сохраняет a лот of назначает время and нерва.

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1.1.2. Identification numbers of the автомобиль
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1.1.4. Poddomkrachivaniye, towage and обмен денег of wheels