Cooling system. BMW the 5th E28/E34 series (from 1981 to 1993 of release)
Repair of BMW E28 and series E34 from 1981 to 1993
1. Cars of the BMW brand of 5-series
2. Engine
3. Cooling system
3.1. General information
3.2. General information on antifreeze
3.3. Check of work and thermostat replacement
3.4. Removal and radiator installation
3.5. Work check, removal and installation of the fan of cooling of the engine and coupling of its drive
3.6. Check of operation of the water pump
3.7. Removal and installation of the water pump
3.8. Check of work and replacement of the sensor of a measuring instrument of temperature of a cooler
3.9. Diagnostics of malfunctions of system of cooling
4. Power supply system
5. Ignition system
6. Control systems of the engine and decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases
7. System of production of the fulfilled gases
8. Coupling
9. Manual box of gear shifting (RKPP) and automatic transmission (AT)
10. Transmission line
11. Steering and suspension bracket
12. Brake system
13. Body
14. Control body sizes
15. Heater and air conditioner
16. System of onboard electric equipment
17. Routine maintenance of the car
18. Size table and adjusting data
19. Schematic electric circuits
20. Governing bodies and operation receptions
21. System of onboard diagnostics - a principle of functioning and codes of malfunctions


3. Cooling system

General information

System of cooling of the engine

All models described in this Management are equipped with cooling systems with superfluous pressure in which management of circulation of a cooler is carried out by means of the thermostat.

The water pump of lopastny type established on the forward party of the block of cylinders, provides cooler circulation on the engine. The stream of a cooler washes everyone their cylinders and goes to a back part of the engine. The okhladitelny galleries cast in the block send a cooler stream round ports of the inlet pipeline and a final collector, to areas of installation of spark plugs and directing plugs of final valves.

The thermostat with a firm wax filler is built in the bottom hose on M10 engines, placed in a casing by a forward part of the engine on engines M20 and М30, or behind a knee under the top cover of a distributive belt (on the forward party of a head of cylinders) on M40 engines. During an engine warming up the closed thermostat prevents cooler circulation through a radiator. When the temperature of the engine comes nearer to normal working value, the thermostat opens and allows a hot cooler to circulate through a radiator where it is cooled and comes back back to the engine.

Pressure in system of cooling raises a boiling point of a cooler and increases overall performance of a radiator. Sealing of system is provided with a special tight cover. If pressure in system reaches a certain value, it influences the spring valve in a cover which opens and allows surplus of a cooler to follow through an overflow pipe.

The tight cover on models with four-cylinder engines is located on the top party of a radiator; on six-cylinder engines it is in the top part of a transparent plastic broad tank. Indicators of tightness of a cover are specified on the cover. Usually they make 1.0 bar or 1.2 bar.

Do not remove a germetichnuyukryshka from a radiator or a broad tank before complete cooling of the engine and complete dumping of pressure in cooling system. Cover removal at the hot engine can lead to strong burns.

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3.1. General information