Coupling. BMW the 5th E28/E34 series (from 1981 to 1993 of release)
Repair of BMW E28 and series E34 from 1981 to 1993
1. Cars of the BMW brand of 5-series
2. Engine
3. Cooling system
4. Power supply system
5. Ignition system
6. Control systems of the engine and decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases
7. System of production of the fulfilled gases
8. Coupling
8.1. General information
8.2. Description and coupling check
8.3. Removal and installation of the main cylinder of coupling
8.4. Adjustment of a pedal of coupling
8.5. Check of work and replacement of the switch of coupling (where it is provided)
8.6. Removal and installation of the executive cylinder of coupling
8.7. Pumping of hydraulic system of coupling
8.8. Removal, survey and installation of components of coupling
8.9. Diagnostics of malfunctions of coupling
9. Manual box of gear shifting (RKPP) and automatic transmission (AT)
10. Transmission line
11. Steering and suspension bracket
12. Brake system
13. Body
14. Control body sizes
15. Heater and air conditioner
16. System of onboard electric equipment
17. Routine maintenance of the car
18. Size table and adjusting data
19. Schematic electric circuits
20. Governing bodies and operation receptions
21. System of onboard diagnostics - a principle of functioning and codes of malfunctions


8. Coupling

General information

The models equipped with RT, are equipped with coupling of diafragmenny type with a hydraulic drive. The disk of coupling is clamped between a press disk of diafragmenny type and an engine flywheel the pressure created by a spring. The Shlitsevy nave of a disk of coupling rotates on entrance to a transmission shaft; the cover of a press disk is attached by bolts to an engine flywheel.

When squeezing a pedal of coupling in the main cylinder pressure of liquid which forces out a pusher from the executive cylinder is created, actuating the lever of inclusion and vyzhimny the bearing. As vyzhimny the bearing presses petals of a press disk, pressure upon a disk of coupling weakens, disconnecting thereby the engine from transmission.

On the models described in this Management, two various types of disks of coupling, depending on flywheel type are applied. On models with a usual flywheel of disk type the disk of coupling has integral spring and dempfiruyushchy springs. Spring springs - located between frictional surfaces of a disk - break fall at coupling inclusion; dempfiruyushchy springs - help to extinguish an engine pulsation at rotation. On models with the flywheels, consisting their two parts, dempfiruyushchy springs are built in a flywheel.

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8.1. General information